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Man Charged with Felonious Assault and Repeat Violent Offender Specification:

The defendant was facing eighteen years in prison as charged. It was not certain whether the alleged victim would survive his serious injuries. The case was tried to a jury raising self-defense and defense of another. The defendant was found not guilty of all charges. It is notable that in the event that the alleged victim dies as a result of the injuries sustained, double jeopardy bars the State from prosecuting the defendant for the death.

Father Accused of Attempting to Murder his Infant Son:

It was alleged that the father put his son in the oven, turned on the gas, and attempted to ignite the gas with a lighter. The case was tried to a jury. At the close of the State’s case and after argument by Attorney Daniel J. Misiewicz, the Court acquitted the accused of the attempted murder charge.

Woman Charged with Obstruction of Official Business and Resisting Arrest at the Airport:

Despite incident being on video, after a jury trial, she was found not guilty of all charges.

Man Charged with Driving Under the Influence, Speeding, Red Light, and Open Container:

Charges included alleged impaired driving, strong odor of alcohol, poor motor skills, glassy eyes, and slurred speech. The case was tried to a jury, and the man was found not guilty of all charges. His suspension was terminated and his driving privileges were restored.

Woman Charged with Domestic Violence, Aggravated Menacing, and Endangering Children:

After a trial, she was found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity.


Man Charged with Aggravated Robbery with a Firearm Specification:

Client was charged with shooting and robbing another man. Despite being identified by the alleged victim as the shooter, Daniel J. Misiewicz continued to investigate and advocate for his client until the State was convinced that the accused was not the shooter. The charges were dismissed, and his client was released from jail.

Man Charged in a Nine-Count Indictment Including Aggravated Robbery with a Gun, Domestic Violence, Disrupting Public Service, and Intimidation of a Crime Victim:

After pushing the case to a jury trial, the case was dismissed by the State of Ohio the day of trial with the victim present.

Client Charged with Manufacturing Methamphetamine with a Firearm Specification:

Client was facing a significant and mandatory prison sentence. Attorney Misiewicz filed a Motion to Suppress Evidence based on an illegal search. All charges were dismissed prior to trial.

Man Charged with Drug Trafficking and Forfeiture:

After much investigation, legal research, and negotiation, Attorney Misiewicz convinced the State of Ohio to dismiss all charges prior to trial and his client’s property including money and cell phones were returned.

Man Charged with Two Counts of Burglary and Criminal Damaging:

The defendant was referred to an intervention program. The charges were ultimately dismissed and his record remains without conviction for the offenses.

Man Charged with Aggravated Theft, Breaking and Entering, and Possessing Criminal Tools:

After careful analysis of video evidence, an agreement was reached with the State of Ohio wherein the accused would make a restitution payment and the State of Ohio would terminate the charges.

Man Charged with Breaking and Entering and Theft:

After extensive investigation and preparation, the case was pushed to jury trial. The day of trial, despite fingerprint and footprint evidence and the alleged victim being present, the case was dismissed by the State of Ohio.


College Student Accused of Rape:

A university student was accused of rape after a night out with another student. With his liberty, scholarship, and future at stake, he retained Daniel J. Misiewicz Attorney at Law. After intense investigation and litigation in preparation for a Title IX Hearing, there was a full hearing in front of a three member panel. The panel decided that the student was not in violation of the sexual misconduct policy and there was no finding of non-consensual or forced sexual intercourse. The student was able to resume his studies with his scholarship intact.

Mother Charged with Murder in the Death of Her Seven-Week-Old Daughter:

Autopsy reports concluded the infant’s death was caused by a massive overdose of Benadryl. Despite Benadryl and syringes being found on scene, after thorough investigation and preparation for trial, the matter was resolved with a plea to a reduced charge and the mother was placed on probation.

Man Accused of Raping Two Minor Children:

Despite a lack of physical evidence, the accused was facing life in prison. However, Attorney Daniel J. Misiewicz was able to uncover, through an independent investigation, the fact that the alleged victims’ parents had been previously involved in incidents of alleged child molestation. Because of the uncovered information, a plea agreement was reached, and the accused was released on probation.

Man Charged with Two Counts of Rape, Three Counts of Kidnapping, Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor, Gross Sexual Imposition, Intimidation of a Crime Victim, and Intimidation:

Client was facing the possibility of life in prison. After extensive litigation involving expert witnesses, the matter was resolved with no prison time and a term of probation.

Man Charged in Nine Count Indictment Including Rape:

Client faced a mandatory prison sentence and sexual offender classification. Ultimately, he received no prison time or sexual offender classification and was sentenced to two years of probation.

Man Charged in Ten Count Indictment Including Disseminating Matter Harmful to Juveniles, Importuning, Attempted Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor, and Possessing Criminal Tools:

After presenting mitigation on the accused’s behalf, the case was resolved discretely with a plea and probation.

Woman Accused of Stabbing a Man Multiple Times:

Case was investigated and prepared for jury trial. Despite medical records and eyewitnesses, the day of trial, the accused was offered a misdemeanor. The case was resolved without probation.

Man Charged with Hitting a Woman with His Vehicle and Fleeing the Scene:

Despite eyewitnesses, 911 accounts, and serious injuries documented by medical records, the charges were reduced to misdemeanors, and the defendant was able to keep his employment intact.

Woman Charged with Stealing Over $100,000:

After months of preparation and negotiation, the defendant was placed into a diversion program and provided an opportunity to avoid a criminal conviction on her record. It is notable that the defendant was not required to pay back any money in the form of restitution or give back any property she was alleged to have stolen.

Man Charged With Kidnapping Woman at Knife Point with a Machete:

Client was facing over thirty years in prison. Attorney Misiewicz sent him to specialists for evaluation and treatment for mental illness. Ultimately, after presenting extensive mitigation, he received no prison time and was placed on probation.

Man Charged with Burglary and Theft:

Our client’s fingerprints were located inside the home at the alleged point of entry. The homeowner testified that the accused had never been to his home, that there was no reason for the fingerprints to be there, and that items were missing from his home. After trying the case to a jury, our client was convicted of criminal trespass a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.

Man Charged with Burglary and Aggravated Theft:

After months of preparation, despite the State of Ohio having an eyewitness and our client being on probation to the Court at the time of the alleged offense, the matter was resolved with a misdemeanor the day of trial. Our client was released and continued on probation.

Man Charged with a High Tier OVI Offense:

Registering more than two times the legal limit on the breathalyzer test, our client was facing double the mandatory penalties according to law. After filing motions on our client’s behalf and extensive negotiations with the prosecutor, the charge was reduced to Physical Control. The matter was resolved without probation, the imposition of jail time, or points on our client’s driver’s license.

Woman With Murder Case Has Record Sealed:

Although the Grand Jury issued a No Bill, she continually was denied employment because of the record of arrest and subsequent case for murder under her name. Attorney Daniel J. Misiewicz filed a Motion to Seal the Record. Despite the prosecutor objecting, after a hearing on the motion, the Court granted the Motion and all records related to her arrest for murder and the case entry were sealed. She was then able to move forward with her life.

Woman Has Old Conviction Expunged:

After living in the shadows for nearly thirty years, Daniel J. Misiewicz filed to have his client’s criminal record expunged. The expungement was granted. Feeling a new sense of freedom, she secured a job in one of Cleveland’s prominent hospitals.

Woman’s Motion to Withdraw Her Plea Granted:

Our client was unable to obtain State Licensing for her transportation business because of her criminal record. She was ineligible for expungement because she had three convictions including one conviction for a felony. Attorney Daniel J. Misiewicz successfully got her plea withdrawn in an assault case that had resulted in a criminal conviction four years prior. After resolving that matter without a criminal conviction, she became eligible to have her other two offenses expunged and pursue her business venture.

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